Accomplishments - Band Promotion - Ray Condo - 1988 - 1993
  • Handled most Ontario business for this Montreal-based band.
  • Administered contracts
  • Scheduled monthly Ontario tours
  • Scheduled 1989 Western Tour
  • Wrote and distributed press releases
  • Booked radio and television interviews

Sadly, I was also called upon to organize the following two events:

2004 Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr. Ray Condo! • Memorial Concert

  • Led a six member steering/programming committee in the development of events honouring the late, internationally respected, musical artist Ray Condo, which included a concert with contests, raffles, prizes and a Jazz Parade from The Cameron House to The Horseshoe. The concert raised $1200 towards a commemorative artwork to be installed in a Vancouver park.
  • Coordinated a team of 15 volunteers in the smooth running of the events
  • Produced a limited edition commemorative DVD and Video compilation for the event
  • Designed and created promotional and organizational materials, including: Website, posters, flyers, video packaging and press releases

2004 I Wish That It Had Been A Dream • Memorial Photographic Exhibiton

  • Proofed, edited, printed, framed and installed memorial photographic exhibition at The Cameron House honouring the late Ray Condo